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Are you searching for quality? Well, welcome to my profile because I am all about quality. Hi there. My name is Rainy. I am a Las Vegas escort who believes in quality more than anything else. You should expect quality when you come to Las Vegas. When you choose a Las Vegas escort, you should expect quality as well. Not just any girl off the street can be a great Las Vegas escort. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I do my best to evolve with every Las Vegas escort date. I want your escort date to be better than the last one. You can always rest assured that I’m doing everything in my power to make you happy. What is it that makes you happy? If there is a way for a Las Vegas escort to do it, I will find it. I can sometimes find what turns you on even before you tell me. This is what I do. I provide pleasure to men in Las Vegas who deserve it. Men like you.

Maybe I should tell you a little bit about myself. I am still very much a college girl. I haven’t been out of college that long. I still have that partying mentality and youthful spirit. Being a Las Vegas escort allows me to experience Vegas more than I ever did in college. My girlfriends and I used to come to Las Vegas for some wild weekends. Now those wild weekends don’t have to stop. Every escort date I go on is a wild good time for me. The guys who come to Las Vegas are so much fun to hang out with. I appreciate their affection and fondness of my looks and skills. It gives me all the confidence I need to be one of the best Las Vegas escorts out there. I know it takes more than a pretty face or even a good personality to make a good escort. It takes a dedication that is unwavering. Your Las Vegas escort should be fun and full of energy. I am all of the above.

Now that you know about me, I’ll tell you what it’s like to be with me. Would you like to play with me? I will do some role playing that will blow your mind. I just got out of college so I am very good at playing a student. You can be the teacher. I change into my school girl outfit to complete the fantasy. I come out looking innocent with my bottom lip sticking out. I am in trouble for talking in your class. You call me over to you and I slowly walk toward you. You point to your lap. You bend me over your knee. You spank me for being a bad girl. You use your bare hand and you feel how warm my ass is. My ass gets hotter and hotter each time you touch it. I rise up so I can sit in your lap. I become the teacher’s pet so you will give me extra credit. Want to call me now, 702-506-0971.You are going to love my role playing. This is just one of the skills that make me a good Las Vegas escort.

One of my most impressive escort skills is navigating Las Vegas. The bars are my first Las Vegas love. Some of the bars have drinks that are exclusive to that bar. I have had some of the most interesting drinks just from asking the bartenders for recommendations. Double-down Saloon is one of my favorites with their Bacon Martini and the Ass Juice. Commonwealth and Frankie’s Tiki Room are some wonderful bars as well. If you are into bars, I got you covered. That’s not the extent of my party knowledge in Las Vegas though. I have grown to know the Las Vegas club scene very well. I learn more all the time. I want to show you Las Vegas spots you never even knew were there. All the places I take you to will have one thing in common. They will all be excellent party spots to fit your tastes. I make sure I never take you to a place that is not really you. You need an escort who gets to know exactly how you are. There is a side of Las Vegas for every type of man. I will find yours every time.

I will find everything I need to give you the night you have dreamed of. My search will continue when we get back to your hotel room. I have already told you what my role playing is like. That will be just a small portion of our night. I will give you a striptease that will melt your eyeballs. You will have your choice of all my many Las Vegas escort skills. I excel at bachelor parties, lesbian shows, lingerie shows. Naked massage, and everything you can think of. If it turns you on, I will do it in your room. You will have me alone and we can do whatever we want together. I make sure to have plenty of things that will make the time in your room memorable. You will remember the things we do in your room for a long time to come. Las Vegas might be one of the most fun cities in the world, but being alone with me tops it. I am like an amusement park of pleasures. You will see what I mean when I get you alone.

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